Cosmetic Dentistry - Invisalign

We have been invisalign providers for almost four years and have a huge number of cases succesfully completed.

Our costs are argueably some of the lowest prices in the UK today. We pride ourselves on offering you a full treatment plan with all the costs outlined before you start.

We offer a free initial consultation with our dentist and a no obligation treatment plan discussion.

All your aligners, X rays, adjustments, surgery time is included in your quote. There are no hidden extras such as only quoting you for either upper or lower jaw.
All refinements and mid course corrections provided at no extra cost.

We give you complementary home tooth whitening at the end of treatment.

You will have regular appointments with the dentist to review and discuss your treatment. We are also happy for you to call or email any questions you may have between appointments.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, care and level of service we provide for all our patients.